What is SVNNA Really About?

We are aware that some people are dealing with a myriad of health conditions, others are just seeking healthier alternatives, and some just want to try something new. As a result of understanding where our clients are we formulate products that are both nutritious and delicious so that it can help people reclaim their energy.
Meet Kevin.

Originally from Barbados, Kevin was introduced to Irish Sea Moss as a child when his grandmother used it to treat a severe respiratory infection from which Kevin suffered.

Since then, Irish Sea Moss has been a staple in the Jordan household. Kevin is the founder of SVNNA Sea Moss, which ships direct-to-consumer in Atlanta and selected states.

But he also ran the 1st fruit moss juice bar in Harlem, USA back in the day.

Check out these great sea moss recipes!
I am always inspired when preparing juice blends for various clients. Check out my full menu below, and head to our web shop.
Kevin Jordan
Why Choose Us?
We Deliver to Every Store in Town

Free of Dairy

We produce an enhanced superfood that is deliciously filling, with nutrient-diverse ingredients.

Delivery Services

Shipping available in select states. Daily delivery service in Atlanta metropolitan area. Click to learn more.  

Made in America

With a wealth of experience in the Irish Sea Moss juice industry. We’re a 100% American-based company.