Meet Kevin Jordan

Kevin Jordan is the founder of SVNNA Sea Moss, an organic sea moss beverage company based in Atlanta. Sea moss is super popular right now, and while the topic of (and controversies surrounding) sea moss may be trending in communities across the country right now, Kevin’s experience with sea moss actually began on the tiny island of Barbados, where he was born. And once upon a time, SVNNA Sea Moss was the Savanna Fruit Moss juice bar – the first of its kind in Harlem, back in the day.

So, here’s Kevin’s story in his own words.

Welcome, everyone. My name is Kevin Jordan. I’m here to share with you how Irish sea moss helped me in overcoming a respiratory ailment. As you know, many of us growing up, our parents give us things and we just go along with the program. What later that I learned is that Irish sea moss was one of the superfoods that was given to us on this planet.

And what I’m here to share share with you is not only my story, but also provide you one recipe of mine that I would love to share for any of your health benefits or just for your pleasure and enjoyment. This is my story. I was born in the island of Barbados, and as a young toddler, I contracted bronchitis. And my grandmother gave me sea moss for what my aunt told me. And the sea moss helped to eradicate not just the mucus off my chest, but also cleared up my breathing passages and the cough was gone.

So we just kept on using sea moss in our home. It’s like any other staple in our families. And anywhere in the Caribbean, you would find Irish sea moss being used in the same way that in North America, grits or oatmeal is being consumed. So one of the things that later on in my life that I realized was that Irish sea moss was so much more powerful. And one of the things I started to play with was extracting dairy from it, extracting sugar from it, and start to look at it and just blend it with fruits or blend it with nuts to be able to create a whole different vibration.

I was starting a brand of sea moss called Savannah’s Natural Fruit Moss. I opened up a juice bar in the mart. One, two, five. And from there, I went on to actually build out a direct consumer delivery service where I was making special blends for my customers based upon their health needs or their enjoyment, whether they want to fast, etc. People are focused on feeding the body, and I understand that.

And what we don’t talk enough about is how do we feed the brain specifically for, you know, concentration. Your cells regenerate. And this is where when I look at sea moss and the properties that we include, we’re really feeding on a cellular level, the human body. And it has helped me tremendously, not just with my overall energy, but I know that based on what my ingredients are, is feeding my brain.”

Not that you’ve read Kevin’s story, please take a look around the SVNNA shop.

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